Winds Of Change


One Off Piece. Digital Images called Winds Of Change

By: John Christopher Treacy, etched on to glass by:

Ruth O Connell. ROC – Design Kinsale, Co. Cork Ireland

This piece will be collection only in Cork.  As the etching is on real glass it is very fragile and will involve special shipping and insurance to ship outside of Cork. Please Contact Us before you purchase so we can arrange the shipping for you.

60 x 90 cm –  23.5 ins x 35.5 ins approx – Glass Etching

1 only


One Off Piece – Glass Etching – Winds Of Change

This image has been etched onto glass by:

Ruth O Connell – ROC Design – Kinsale, Co. Cork.

A superb Irish designer in Glass.



Certificate of Authenticity


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