Korsakoff Psychosis

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Absolutely superb piece of art by: John Christopher Treacy

Excepert From: The Artistic Expressions of an Irish Digital Artist 1

“This image is a description in my mind at least, of someone who has korsakoff psychosis. This, is also referred to as a wet brain from drinking too much alcohol, is found in chronic alcoholics. The brain is flooded with alcohol and attacks the brain cells and completely distorts the whole view of life, short term memory, gone. I’m no doctor. Is is like a form of dementia”.

This image depicts two heads, one in the present smoking and the other lost in years back. It is a very disturbing situation for family members to see this effect someone in their family. 

Certificate of Authenticity

60 x 90 cm –  23.5 ins x 35.5 ins approx – Artist Board

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97 cm x 97 cm
38 1/4 x 38 1/4 inches


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