Shannon Airport Exhibition

Shannon Airport Co. Clare Ireland

Following a very successful launch of my Digital Art Exhibition for the month of July in Cork Airport in 2019, I have been offered to host my Exhibition in Shannon Airport Co. Clare Ireland this year for three months from 15th of February to the 15th of May 2019. This is a fantastic opportunity for me to display and sell my Digital Art.

I have called this Exhibition

Looking Forward – But don’t miss out on now”

There are sixteen images on display fourteen from the Cork Exhibition accompanied by my book.

The Artistic Expressions of an Irish Digital Artist

1. Looking forward
2. Colours in the Morning
3. Berries in Bloom
4. Winds Of Change
5. Evolution on Mother Earth
6. Freedom
7. Digital Glass
8. The Flow Of life
9. Detached Or Simi Detached
10. It’s a Horse Or Something
11. Korsokoff Psysiosis
12. Ancient
13. Musicians Fragmentation
14. Creepy Insect Blue

There are two new images on display from my next collection which will be coming out before the end of this year. This Exhibition will be featuring Digital Images and the use of Light and Glass

1. Light box
2. Yesterday

I have been so busy with print sales and my greeting card business this is the first post for the exhibition even though it is on display nearly a month now.

Working on my websites takes a lot of time and unfortunately I haven’t had time to focus on the essential promotion of the websites or social media. But this week will see the start of all that, I am launching a marketing campaign across several mediums of advertising: print, magazine, social media networks.

I would love some comments and feedback, so please feel free to write to me.

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An Excerpt from The Artistic Expressions of an Irish Digital Artist

“This image has two perspectives, portrait and landscape. It is an image of ancient times when people would be looking up to the Gods. There is one image of someone looking up and then there is also someone looking down that is maybe answering the request”.

Stained Glass design by: Ruth O Connell

ROC Design – Kinsale – Co. Cork


What a beautiful piece of music Piqulle Carousel

Korsakoff Psychosis

Korsakoff Psychosis

Excepert From: The Artistic Expressions of an Irish Digital Artist

“This image is a description in my mind at least, of someone who has korsakoff psychosis. This, is also referred to as a wet brain from drinking too much alcohol, is found in chronic alcoholics. The brain is flooded with alcohol and attacks the brain cells and completely distorts the whole view of life, short term memory, gone. I’m no doctor. Is is like a form of dementia”.

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Looking Forward

Here is a short description of the “Looking Forward” image in the exhibition.

Looking Forward – The idea in my mind as this piece of art developed was that as you look forward there is actually no place to look. The future stops at one place all the time, “NOW”. That is the barrier and it has to be for us because it is the only place we human beings can physically exist. Looking at the image you can see this depicted in front of the square face represented by a block crashing into and rebounding off a wall. But there is actually no physical wall; it is a wall of time. It is not like a mirror looking back at you it is only in your head, there is actually nothing there, and time has stopped at that point.

Full explanation in the book
“The Artistic Expressions of an Irish Digital Artist”.

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