Original Art - Online Store - By: John Christopher Treacy
Trading in Cork City, Ireland, Since 2014

Looking Forward

Here is a short description of the “Looking Forward” image in the exhibition.

Looking Forward – The idea in my mind as this piece of art developed was that as you look forward there is actually no place to look. The future stops at one place all the time, “NOW”. That is the barrier and it has to be for us because it is the only place we human beings can physically exist. Looking at the image you can see this depicted in front of the square face represented by a block crashing into and rebounding off a wall. But there is actually no physical wall; it is a wall of time. It is not like a mirror looking back at you it is only in your head, there is actually nothing there, and time has stopped at that point.

Full explanation in the book
“The Artistic Expressions of an Irish Digital Artist”.

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